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Mission Critical Applications

Mission Critical Applications Every day applications developed by us deliver consistent performance to thousands of users. If your business needs to grow at the speed of light then your applications should be designed to handle the dramatic load that will come with it.

Eastern Horizon team has completed several mission critical applications over the years. We understand the challenges posed by voluminous data or criticality of the analysis. Our internal guideline for software development process ensures that the application is ready to handle challenging operational scenario from day one. We strongly believe that an entirely different approach is required to build mission critical applications and we bring this unique skill set to the table. Click here to send us an email for a free quotation

Web Development

Web Development Eastern Horizon provides turnkey website solutions. Understanding the objective of the website and ensuring the delivery of those objectives is our strength. Our team helps our clients make the right choice among thousands of technological and business options available to the clients today.

Our team has experience in implementing advanced social networking tools, audio, video integration, forums, SEO, eCommerce, credit card, pay-pal ready and more to make your website ready for business. Apart from the technical aspect, our team has done extensive research on building usable websites. This soft skill ensures that the website attracts more traffic and helps user find the right product, service or information on the website quickly. Click here to send us an email to find out how we can help you.

Software Development

Software Development Eastern Horizon has strong domain expertise in Financial Software Applications, Project Management Solutions, Document management, Workflow solutions and building and managing large Social media websites.

Having worked with Fortune 500 clients in the USA, we pride ourselves in our ability to quickly and skillfully adapt concepts and technology to achieve the goals of a project. Our business analysts, project managers and developers go beyond the defined and bring practical insight to help you successfully achieve your objectives. Our team’ adherence to software development methodologies makes audit and compliance a breeze.
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Project Portfolio Snapshot

ASP.Net based website that implements Content management solution, social networking components and almost all other tools and services that are expected of a leading portal today. is India’s largest website for Home Improvement content. This website is a perfect demonstration of our capabilities in building Search Engine friendly website that can handle voluminous traffic of more than 100,000 visitors a day.

Camra Knowledge Repository

Camra Knowledge Repository

JSP based Knowledge management system developed for Drexel University USA. Funded by Govt of America, this Knowledge Repository handles mission critical data. A sophisticated, secured work flow and multiple format data handling capabilities implemented using Open source technology. Innovative search, synonym determination, result ranking and prioritization algorithm give users incredible capabilities in evaluating and understanding complex scientific data.


ASP.Net based online project management system with comprehensive project planning, management and communication tools. Task management, bug tracking, resource management, project portfolio management, QA planning and almost all other project management features are implemented in this system.



ASP.Net based client relationship management system maximizes the productivity of your sales team. Dynamic application architecture allows you to design new screens and reports on the fly. Screen level and data level security ensures that the team can only review the data they have access to.



ASP.Net based Real Estate Equity management system for Capmark Inc. Designed to handle transactions worth millions of dollars, this system has advanced security and audit trail capabilities. Implementation of complex valuation algorithm, fund performance analysis, and dynamic reporting capabilities are some of the features implemented in the system.

Bond Finder/ Loan Finder

Bond Finder/ Loan Finder

Equity and Debt management system built using ASP.NET technology. This system is a platform to manage CMBS & CDO securities. It interfaces with several external systems including Bloomberg and Intex and presents a unified equity and debt analysis to the readers. Direct data import from Excel and word documents are few of the several features implemented to make this system user friendly for the business group.


Interview of Mr. Rajnish Utraja

EHS Director on Channel 1 News
Rajnish is technical director at EHS and is heading India's #1 Home Improvement Website In this interview, he explains how the website grew from hundred visitors a day to several thousand visitors a day

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